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Welcome to TRiBE!

Posted by on September 19, 2012

Hey TRiBEfriends,

Welcome to our new, interactive website! In honor of TRiBE’s second birthday and our expanding physical presence–now in Portland, OR AND San Antonio, TX–it seemed the right time to create a central touchstone for all things TRiBE. As we head into our third year, we’ll be increasingly navigating what it means to be a community across borders– both as we nurture and sustain physical communities, and as we offer our TRiBE way to others across the world in an online community.

So much of the work we have done together over these last two years has been truly foundational for TRiBE, and I am so grateful to each one of you for being part of it. TRiBE would literally not exist without you, as it takes each one of us with our TRiBElove and energy to nurture and sustain our community/ies. I also, just as a side note, would never have had the balls to think I could lead a community like this without your staunch support. So…thank you, my warriors. I am honored that you are my TRiBE.

I must also mention at this point–because I don’t think it’s always clear–that although I am the Visionkeeper of TRiBE, it is not my own vision I keep. TRiBE is a vision greater than all of us, a vision we share, and to which we all belong. I am only one of its messengers: and my job each day, each Gathering, is to listen profoundly and deeply to the world of Spirit, and to go into the space of visioning where I can receive the wisdom that guides us–that guides our Gatherings, the creation of our neomyths, and an understanding of our TRiBE way of life.

And so it is that as we head into our third year, the vision I’ve been given is that it’s time to begin unveiling some of the TRiBE teachings that have unfolded for me in these foundational years. It’s also time for me to encourage all the TRiBE in San Antonio to step up into leadership, because really, you guys don’t need me to be there for a Gathering: you need each other. For those of you who are ready to push the limits of your personal growth, it’s also time to take TRiBE to the next level, and to move deeper into our collective spiritual work together. And this year, I’ll be calling to your deepest Self to do that.

As part of our work, I’ll be making some of the teachings and resources I’ve been gifted available to you in a number of ways, and I’ll be glad to get your thoughts and feedback. Several folks have suggested that I publish the neomyths, but I feel strongly that they should stay an oral tradition. Consequently, in order to make them available to you, I’ll be adding them as audio and/or video files here on this website, and asking you not to transcribe them. I’m also hoping to add some guided meditations so you can meditate at home, as well as more writings, and other fun stuff. For all these reasons, this website will prove to be an increasingly valuable resource in our upcoming 2012-2013 year, and I hope you’ll use it as such.

I’m excited about our third year together, and feeling fired up by the challenge of it. Are you ready, my dear TRiBE warrior? Comment and let me know below.

In fierce TRiBElove,

Your Visionkeeper

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