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About Us

Celebrating Spring

TRiBE is a spiritual community and a way of life that honors our kinship with the earth and with each other.  Inspired by our ancient ancestors, we Gather to celebrate the changing of the seasons and our lives.

We honor the wisdom, diversity, and truth of all spiritual paths, and support each individual’s unique journey: this is the meaning of the little ‘i’ that stands out within the TRiBE—individuality within community. We also honor the political rights and spiritual practices of First Nation/Native American tribes, although TRiBE is made up of people from all walks of life. Our panspiritual Gatherings respectfully draw elements of inspiration from all the world’s religions, with a grounding in the indigenous, shamanic traditions that form the basis of humanity’s ancient hunter-gatherer roots.Our work is truly that of Rewilding the human soul, and of finding new ways to merge modern with ancient principles, through art, community, spirituality, and sustainability. We reattune ourselves

Dancing to drums!

to the movement of the sun, moon, and stars, and bond through ritual, meditation, and rites of passage. We enrich our lives with song, dance, art and drumming, theatre, costuming, and with the creation of neomyths that speak to a modern era. We heal ourselves and each other from a fractured relationship with the earth, through ecological practices and lifestyle choices that reflect a tribal sensibility. And we commit ourselves completely to the experiment in radical inter-reliance that is TRiBE, whether we live together on land, separately in a city, or across the world.If you, too, are hungry for more, then join us.

First TRiBE existed in San Antonio, TX, from 2010-2013, and Second TRiBE has been running in Portland, OR, since 2014. However, we also have friends and supporters as far away as Italy, and we’d love to have you in our extended network. We Are TRiBE!

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